Hi Beautiful!

I know striving to be perfect is a fools game but it’s so tempting to keep aiming for that impossible goal.

I don’t know about you but even though I know the down side of it and see the negative impact it has on our lives it still manages to trick me into following the path! 

I suppose the only thing one can do is remember the problems with striving for this intangible goal so…


Here are 5 problems to be aware of:

It Isn’t Achievable

No one is perfect or can ever be perfect “to err is human; to forgive, divine”.

It Leads to Disappointment

No one will ever live up to this standard and expectation. You are setting yourself up to always be disappointed.

It Doesn’t Allow for Growth

The best life lessons come to us through the biggest defeats and toughest experiences … never wish those away.

It Brings Too Much Ego

Taking pride in ourselves and accomplishments is great but when we take ourselves and expectations too seriously it comes off as egotistical.

It Is Controlling

If you are aiming for perfection your desire to control is in overdrive which can drive wedges into relationships and create problems where there doesn’t need to be.  


Accepting that you aren’t perfect and making that a daily practice will help you relax and enjoy life’s perfect imperfections…


Striving for progress and not perfection is a much more rewarding experience anyways. I know I am going to try and let go of the need to be perfect because I realize that life is about growing and learning and every mistake or mishap is a beautiful lesson that is meant to help shape me and not confine me.  

I’m going to do my best at it, so will you join me?


Vancouver life coach alycia