Meet Madeleine!

When everything on paper looked like it’s on track but you still feel like something was missing. Madeleine sought out my help to help her . Check out my interview with her!

What was life like before joining Bring Your Dreams to Life?

When I started the program, on paper my life looked to be on track. But something was missing. I lived with a constant nagging fear of the unknown. After seven years in complete remission, I had been experiencing eating disorder patterns that I had thought were gone forever. My face burned with shame at the thought of “letting this happen again”. The stress from this was feeding into other less than healthy habits, a vicious cycle I had experienced before.

Immobility through overthinking was a daily reality for me – as it had been since I can remember. I also felt extremely isolated and alone at this time, even though I had friends, family and many more wonderful people in my life. Last but not least, I had been endlessly procrastinating the launch of my nutrition business. Always talking to people about wanting to work for myself but never actually taking any action steps towards building it.

What did you achieve while in the program? What type of breakthroughs did you achieve or awareness’s did you have?

Looking back it is hard to pinpoint when things started to shift. But I can say that the practice of allowing myself to sit with my emotions without judgment has changed my life for the better. It is something that I fully intend to carry forward with me as a tool to more gracefully navigate this life.

My biggest breakthrough finally came by accepting the fact that I had completely rejected my inner child. I applied the Emotional Alchemy process only to have a vivid recollection back to what my Mum had experienced as a young girl. Feeling through this trauma then helped to release the hold I had placed on my own inner child. For the record, prior to starting the program I don’t think I could have even said the term ‘inner child’ out loud without my inner critic commenting on how ridiculous that sounded. So for any skeptics out there – I get it. That skepticism is likely yet another defence mechanism against real change.

Developing an awareness of her needs has been my biggest catalyst for change because acknowledging this part of my identity has allowed me to embrace having fun again. Being silly and not making sense. Starting tasks based on intuition because it feels right in the moment. Painting and dancing. Making cookies early in the morning and not worrying about the mess in the kitchen. I really can’t emphasize enough how much this has changed for me. And for someone whose job it is to guide others to balance through lifestyle change, it has made me a much better coach & nutritionist.

What have you achieved? How is your life different? What are you doing differently now?

Becoming more confident in my abilities and skills and having the feeling that I deserve the respect and attention of others far more than before.

I’ve uncovered latent communication skills that I didn’t know were hidden within myself. This has made reconnecting with old friends, colleagues and mentors a daily occurrence. In turn, that enhanced level of immersion in the wellness community has been synergistically feeding into the launch of my practice.

As each new piece of wisdom makes itself known to me, it no longer feels like a struggle to write business plans, articles, or social media content. Words have been flowing through my pen again like water. This is turn has been helping clients find my work because they resonate so much more deeply with my message.

How have you been impacted since joining the program?

Trusting my intuition more intensely than ever. And as an empathetic person I’ve noticed that as I continued to deepen this trust, I have been able to navigate situations that a few months ago would have had me breaking out in a cold sweat.

What major obstacle did you overcome that you are most proud of?

Procrastination was a huge obstacle for me! I came to realize during the program that putting off important tasks was a method that my saboteur has been utilizing for a long time.

Working with Alycia helped me to identify this habit and explore more precisely why it occurs. Simply having more awareness of it was the key.

Investing in this program was absolutely one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. It has left me with SO many more tools to move through sticky emotional situations when they come up. I feel strongly that this is a method we should ALL be empowered to use.

So proud of Madeleine’s success! Check out her website: