Hey beautiful!

Have you ever stopped to wonder what you are amazing at?

Everyone has a unique set of strengths (things they are naturally great at) but sadly most of us don’t even know what they are… 

When I first started my life coaching business, I didn’t know what my strengths were and it showed.  I wasn’t able to confidently share my message or even know how I was able to help people… I also wondered if I was even on the right path.

Once I knew my strengths (and started to appreciate AND develop them) my confidence skyrocketed!


Why YOU should know YOUR strengths

  1. You will feel more fulfilled playing to your strengths, which is important if you want to live with more passion and purpose.
  2. It boosts your confidence! Knowing what makes you amazing and unique has an incredible impact on the ol’ self esteem.
  3. You have a better idea of how you can use those strengths to serve your community and provide value!

Remember, you have a purpose and gift that is unique to you. Discovering what that is and owning it will make you unstoppable.


How to Discover YOUR strengths

Exercise #1 – Questionnaire

Ask yourself these questions and see if there are any common themes that show up (communicator, strategic, emphatic, creative etc.). You will start to see patterns and your strengths will start to reveal themselves to you.

  1. What do you LOVE doing?
  2. What things come easy to you?
  3. What things do you look forward to doing?
  4. What things do others say you do well?
  5. What tasks make you feel good?

Tip: Show your answers to someone close to you and see if they can notice patterns or themes!


Exercise #2 – Involve Other People

This second exercise can be a bit easier since it’s sometimes tricky to see our own strengths. These set of questions comes from the Reflected Best Self Exercise. So here’s what you can do…

  1. Receive feedback: Choose 10-20 people who know you well from different walks of life, and ask them to write a story about a time when you were at your best.
  2. Notice patterns: Once you get the feedback look for the common themes that show up in the different stories. Make a list of the themes, and what they suggest about your strengths.
  3. Create your self-profile. Using this information write out a brief description of who you are when you’re at your best.
  4. Put your strengths into action. Create an action plan for how and when you’ll utilize your strengths!


The Strengths Finder 2.0 TEST

In case you were really committed to discovering your strengths.  This is an incredible book/ online test.  I love it!

I use it with most of my clients now and if you can get this I would highly recommend it.

It will help you discover your top 5 Strengths in 20 minutes (I know, right?!).  It comes with a unique access code that allows you to take an online test and walla ~ you know your top 5 strengths!

I honestly don’t know how it works but it’s amazingly accurate.  Check it out here: http://amzn.to/2lEsPFP


Do you have any questions about these exercises?  Please let me know AND share your findings with me. I’d love to offer some tips about how you can really step into your strengths 🙂