SharinaMeet Sharina!

When Sharina started her sessions with me it was quite clear right away that she has one of the biggest hearts I have ever seen and felt.  It was an honor to be in her presence…

We recently caught up with Sharina to talk about her coaching experience and to find out what she has been up to now!

What did you come to life coaching for?

I’m a big advocate of personal development but it got to the point where something was missing… My inner voice.  I knew that I was going in circles. Only thinking from the mind and not truly being.  I also felt the need to be heard and Alycia has a wonderful ability to truly “see” me.

What was the solution you discovered through life coaching?

Alycia helped me trust my gut and value my quiet power by facing my fears and experiencing true vulnerability. The sessions helped me with the “being” and quieting my mind.

What was the most powerful part of this experience for you?

Alycia helped guide me to true vulnerability and within that experience, words can’t describe… I just felt so much more aligned and free.  I re-established trust within myself.  Intuitively I knew that Alycia could help me, but I didn’t quite know what that would look like.  It was an amazing experience to get out of the mind and face some deeply buried fears.

Alycia creates an energy and the kind of environment you feel safe to learn and grow in.  She provides clear and gentle guidance without judgment.

What would you say to someone who was thinking about life coaching?

Listen to yourself <3

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Public Speaker, Vancouver
VP of PR for JUST Pros Toastmasters
Perspective Storyteller