Meet Suriani Bakri!

What did you achieve while in the coaching program? 

I learnt to identify and face my dark side, of which I not only wasn’t aware of all my life but avoided, by living in my mind.

My dark side was the repressed anger and sadness I had carried within me, and all my life I had stifled these feelings because I did not want to face the reasons I felt that way.

In stifling them, I denied my own truth and thus felt unworthy and ‘not good enough’. My whole life revolved around this limited belief.

This program helped my face these feelings and gave them credibility. As I felt and voiced out the ‘dark’ side of me, my energetic block was broken and I was able to face my real self, the one that was hidden from view all this time.

The biggest breakthrough/awareness/realization was seeing the world, and my place in it, in a vastly different way than what I had perceived it all my life.

It was as if a veil was lifted, and I see my potential in the world as unlimited, and only hinging upon my own beliefs about myself.

Since finishing working together what have you achieved? 

After finished working in the program, I have decided on some action steps that I need to take, in order to change my life situations particularly in career and vocation.

I am making plans to launch my own business by the end of the year and also publish a book I am co-authoring with 5 other women. I am also making plans to be an empowerment coach for women possibly down the road as my main career in finance unfolds

My life is different now in the sense that, I don’t feel the same level of desperation and frustration that I used to feel.

Despite the daily struggles I might still face (which we call life), the sense of despair isn’t there anymore because I see myself as capable of making things happen in my life. In other words, I found my inner power that had always been there but was hidden.

How have you been impacted since working together?

I had been impacted by the way I have learnt to tune into my body and my emotions and letting them be expressed.

To give my emotions validity without judgement; and in doing so, accepting my whole self, dark emotions and all. I am still learning all these ‘new’ skills and my ‘training’ will be a lifelong one.

This program introduced me to these important skills and broke down the first and biggest barriers.

What major obstacle did you overcome that you are most proud of?

The major obstacle that I broke is the lifelong pervasive feeling of being ‘stuck’ and having no options – which, in turn, resulted in a deep sense of desolation, loneliness and despair.

Now that I realize that I have unlimited options in life, I can take steps to begin living a more fulfilling life and this sense of desperation is broken.

So proud of Suriani! Can’t wait to see what unfolds for her…