Meet the beautiful Debbie Lin, who came to us to help her overcome the anger, bitterness and resentment inside her heart because of emotional abuse that she suffered in her childhood.

What did you achieve while working together?

Before I started working with Alycia, my life looked great from the outside. I was married and had 2 happy and healthy children. We lived in a nice house, had lots of family and friends, and all the material comforts we could ever want. But, I was deeply unhappy – I held a lot of anger, bitterness and resentment inside my heart because of emotional abuse that I suffered in the family that I grew up in.

Through the coaching program, Alycia guided me in releasing a lot of the trauma that I had endured when I was younger and stored in my body for years. She helped me see that I was really afraid of being hurt again, and therefore built huge walls around me and prevented people from seeing and knowing the real me. She taught me to become aware of my emotional triggers and helped me see that they stemmed from my troubled past, and my unhappiness was not due to how the people around me acted like or said, but by the way I perceived the world.

Since graduating what have you achieved? 

Through my work with Alycia, I’ve opened up to my husband about things that I kept from him in the past, and opened up to my friends about how I honestly feel. She’s helped me to reclaim my inherent worth and to trust and value my own voice – my feelings, thoughts, and opinions, a lot more. She helped me find the real strength in myself again that I had long forgotten was there, and helped me to love myself again.

I now see that I can absolutely, 1000%, create the life of my dreams, that I have immeasurable power in my hands to create my own happiness.

I had to courage to start my own business – something that I always dreamed about but never thought I could actually do. I had a history of anxiety and depression and before working with Alycia I had literally spent tens of thousands of dollars on therapists and psychologists over a period of 10+ years. But none of it did as much as the huge transformation I experienced in my life from working with Alycia for just a brief period of time.

How have you been impacted since joining the program?

I would say the biggest direct impact on my life from working with Alycia is my vastly improved relationship with my husband. This is hugely important because I am a very relationship person and to have a good connection with my husband was so important to me. However, we were fighting a lot, to the point that I wondered if we made a mistake in getting married. Before when we fought it would take me a whole night of crying and a few days for us to get over the fight. Now, it literally takes us less than an hour to talk things through and be ok again. Even my husband (who is a skeptic) has acknowledged the huge change he’s seen in me.

Alycia is genuine and compassionate, and she really cares about her clients. She’s experienced and wise, and she always shows up 100% for her clients. I am truly grateful that I found Alycia, and for the huge impact she’s made in my life and the lives of my family members.