life coaching with alyciaMeet Jude Temple!

She was willing to dig deep, face her challenges head on and take big action to make her dreams come true. We recently caught up with Jude to talk about her coaching experience and what she is up to now!

What did you come to coaching for?

I hated my job and desperately wanted to quit for years. I had zero job satisfaction but the pay was good and I liked the people I worked with so… I just kept coasting along.

But I had this nagging sense that I was just drifting through my life with no direction and purpose. So I hired you as my life coach to help me find my life’s path.

What was the solution you discovered through the process?

Through working with you I was able to recognize not just my strengths or what I was good at, but what I actually like doing.  You helped me get clear on my values; what’s important to me and what really lights me up.

You helped me realize was that there was a the common thread through out my nursing career – I loved talking to people about their lives. I remember distinctly the day I said to you, “Is it weird that I think I want to be a life coach?”

What was the most powerful part of this experience for you?

Hands down the most powerful part of working with you has been facing my fears.  You have this sneaky way of making me believe that I am bigger than my fears and just at the moment I start to believe it… you ask me to prove it! Ahhhh!

But do you know what? By proving it to you I also proved it to myself…Amazing!

What is the biggest change you have noticed about yourself since beginning coaching together?

Although I came to you for help with my job situation, life coaching has impacted every single aspect of my life. I’m happier. I’m braver. I’m confident. And my dreams are literally coming true!

I’m not saying that my life is stress free but I handle stress differently now. It doesn’t get on top of me like it used to. My life has made a 180 degree turn; hiring you as my life coach has been the best money I have ever spent.

Wow thank you Jude! I am so glad you hired me too and I’m so proud of your accomplishments!  Please check out Jude Temple’s new website at:


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