How Alexa discovered her life direction and purpose

I started working with Alexa Hudson in early 2013 – she had courage, enthusiasm and a willingness to do whatever it took to achieve her goals.

We caught up with Alexa a year later to see what life changes she has made since completing coaching together.

What did you come to coaching for?

I came to coaching to learn tools that would help me re-align (and rediscover) my goals and life direction/ purpose. I lost sight of the true ‘me’ for a while there and I wanted her back!

What was the solution you discovered through coaching?

Through coaching I discovered that I put too much focus, and responded so much to circumstances outside myself and the opinions of others, rather than trusting and listening to my own inner voice to dictate my direction.

What was the most powerful part of this process for you?

Throughout our coaching sessions, you really encouraged me to focus on not allowing other people to take my power away – this was HUGE for me as I constantly put others needs before my own. Now when I’m in challenges or conflicts with others – “Don’t let others take your power away” – has become one of my daily mantras.

What is the biggest change you noticed since beginning coaching?

The biggest change that I’ve noticed from coaching is that I’m much more at peace with myself. I’m back to trusting myself more and not only recognizing my self-worth, but honouring it as well.

A huge thank you to Alexa for sharing her story and being willing to express it online – that takes courage!

Now I’d love to hear from you! Have you been on a journey to discover your life direction/ purpose?  What’s worked for you and what tips could you share with others who are going through something similar?  Please share your comment below!