reach full potental Meet Katrina Moore!

Katrina came to coaching earlier this year to help her gain clarity and achieve her full potential.

We recently got in touch with Katrina to talk about her coaching experience and see what she is up to now!

What was the problem you were trying to solve?

I came to coaching to try to gain some clarity of what path I should be taking in my life. I felt unfulfilled. I knew there was a solution but I needed some assistance in realizing it. I needed an external perspective.

What was the solution you discovered through the process?

That I need to stop trying to control everything and stop trying to figure everything out with my head and instead listen to my heart. I learned that I feel happier and more at ease when I simply let go and trust that the answers will arise if I do so.

I also had a major revelation: accepting all of myself, light and dark, is the ONLY way to feel whole. This has allowed me to reach higher than before as I have learned to cope with the fear and anxiety that comes from following my heart.

What was the most powerful part of this experience for you?

Letting myself be vulnerable has allowed me to feel happier and take risks in all aspects of my life, which has ultimately rewarded me with the opportunity to truly connect with people, to let my creativity flow in my job, thus enjoying it more, and just generally feel more content with how I choose to live my life.

What is the biggest change you have noticed about yourself since beginning coaching together?

I feel less rigid, my life feels like it flows better and I am slowly letting go of the “dust” from my past that I had swept up. I am learning to accept myself as I am right now and not let my past define me anymore, which I can already notice is letting me reach higher potentials than I thought possible!

Thank you Katrina for putting it all out there and sharing your story!

Do you resonate with Katrina’s challenge? Have you gone through something similar? What tips could you share that worked for you? Please share your comments below!


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