I’ve got a secret and I want to share it with you…

One thing I’ve realized on my journey is that showing up anything less than 100% authentic won’t create the kind of fulfillment you are looking for.

At least that was true for me.

Over the years, something didn’t feel right but I couldn’t put my finger on it. It was as if I was afraid to be me, afraid other people wouldn’t like or accept the ‘real’ me.

I realized that it was time to face my limiting beliefs of not being good enough and that it’s okay to be different.

In fact, it’s wonderful.

Things really changed when I came out of the “spiritual closet” and I was more open about owning that part of myself.

I realized that I generally kept my cards close to the chest, especially when it came to sharing myself.

That’s why—in the spirit of showing up 100% authentically—I decided to share my story with you. I also know that I’m not alone in my challenges. We all have similar difficulties and if I can share my story, it might positively impact you.

So here goes (deep breath)

I grew up in a household where there was a lot of turmoil and difficulty. And as a sensitive child and almost out of necessity, I could tune into, and become deeply aware of other people’s moods and emotions.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but that experience gave me the gift of empathy and sensitivity which I am so grateful for today.

Since I was a little girl, I was drawn to spirituality. I felt different and weird for being so connected to the spirit world but it was where I felt the most at home.

My fascination with spirit continued into my teens and I was drawn to things like meditation, spirituality, religion, energy healing, astral travel and mythology. I was captivated by it all.

But in my early 20s, I became obsessed with meditation.

It was my escape from the world. It was my addiction. It wasn’t until years later that I realized I was running away from my fears and my past pain. I was running away from myself.

So, I packed my bags and headed out to travel around the world for a year. As I traveled to each country and culture, I started to challenge myself to be more present.

Instead of running away I was being pulled back into the darkness and those things I’d spent my life running from.

I started to tune in more.

Along this journey of self-discovery and embracing the darkness within me, I learned that through mindfully feeling the pain, I could heal and release the emotions that were locked in the body.

I learned that everything we desire is already within us right now. That our body has the answers and holds all the secrets.

Through the healing process, I now call Emotional Alchemy, I healed the difficult pains in my life and the emotional trauma my body was suppressing.

I remember one time while I was traveling through Cambodia. I came home with an unsettling feeling in my stomach. I felt anxious.

I knew my body was trying to tell me something I’d been subconsciously avoiding.

Instead of suppressing it, I let it unfold.

I sat with this uncomfortable feeling without judgment. I was curious but stayed mindful. It brought me back to the past.

Memories I had locked away deep in my subconscious opened up; painful childhood memories of sexual abuse. In those moments, I felt fear, shame and guilt…

And after six hours of working through this Emotional Alchemy process and experiencing those feelings, I finally felt finished. I laid on the bed covered in sweat…

I was exhausted but I knew I had gone through something big.

By now it was dark outside and as I looked at the shadowy wall, I saw a beautiful light coming in from the pool. The light was reflecting and dancing on the ceiling and I was in awe of its simple beauty: the contrast of the light and dark.

In that moment, I realized one of the greatest truths that I’m here to share: 

Without the darkness, we can’t appreciate the light and by facing our past pain directly, we discover our greatest power.

Reflecting on this experience now makes me realize how much that moment allowed me to become who I am today.

It was in facing—and accepting—my dark side that I was gifted with the ability to see deeply into others dark side too, and help them discover their unique powerful gifts. 

Ever since that experience, I’ve been able to feel others suppressed trauma in my body as if it was my own so that I can help them face what they have been unknowingly running away from. 

…So in the spirit of showing up real and authentic, it was important for me to share my story with you. 

by facing my challenges, I became stronger.

And I know it can happen to you, too.


As an Emotional Alchemist I specialize in helping people release past emotional pain and transform it into their greatest power. 

I’ve been coaching for over 10 years helping 100’s of clients from all over the world become free from their past.

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