Hey Beautiful!

Mindset plays such a huge role in us discovering our passion and purpose and getting the clarity we need to move forward.

It’s the difference between knowing the right path and walking it or floating around spinning our wheels. 

I’ve fallen into many negative mindset traps and I know how impossible it can feel to overcome them. But I also know the benefits that come when we do.


And there is good news!

Mindset blocks are totally in your control to overcome and are not dependent on anything outside of you.  Nothing externally needs to change.  If you are willing to face these mindset blocks head on then success is just a matter of time. Seriously.

That’s not to say it will be easy.  It can be uncomfortable. On my journey I’ve had to face each of these mindset blocks I’m about to share with you and trust me, it’s never fun.  I can think of many points when I thought “That’s it, why bother?”. Thankfully I kept going and never quit.

It is so common for everyone to experience mindset blocks.  It’s not a sign of failure or weakness. Think of it as a rite of passage – one that you must walk through if you want to live your best life.

I hope that by sharing these tips on how to face these mindset blocks you will continue to walk your path with courage and confidence. You have a gift to share with the world and only by overcoming these mindset blocks will you be able to share it.

Oh, and it’s worth it, it’s totally worth it!


7 Mindset Blocks Stopping You From Discovering Your Passion & Purpose

Comparison Mindset Block

Comparing ourselves to others is a wonderful way to feel horrible.  If you absolutely must compare yourself then try comparing yourself to YOU.  How have you grown and improved over the last month or year?  What are you learning about yourself and how is that changing your behavior and actions for the better?  As you probably already know it’s impossible to know what someone else’s life is like behind the scenes.

Comparing your inside self to their outside presentation is like comparing apples to oranges… You’ll never really know what’s going on behind the scenes so why bother comparing?  At least when you compare yourself against yourself you know the full picture and you can improve.  That’s a pro mindset right there 😉

Scarcity Mindset Block

Have you ever done this before? Thought of a passion project that you would love to do or job that would love to have and googled it only to see that you weren’t the only one with this nifty idea?  Did seeing people already doing it take the wind out of your sails?  There’s nothing wrong with doing a little competitive research.  The problem is what can happen afterwards…  Many of us conclude that we shouldn’t bother because so many people are already doing it.

This scarcity mindset will hold you back from moving forward on your dreams.  Who cares if other people are already doing it?  It means there is probably a market for it.  Besides what if Starbucks had that mindset… do you think they would have a café on every block?  Probably not.  So imagine that life is abundant and there is enough to go around for everyone. Because it is and there is.

Lone Wolf Mindset Block

Are you constantly trying to do everything on your own? Success can’t happen without you creating a supportive community around you.  I know getting out of our comfort zone is uncomfortable but it is so critical to your success.  We all need reality checks, a second objective opinion and support from others.

Whether it’s from a mentor or life coach or someone who has achieved what you want – It is so valuable.  If you don’t already have a supportive community of people around you then go out and find them!  Think about what you want to accomplish and find people who already have it.  Before I found my first life coaching job working at a wellness center I went out and found a life coach doing exactly what I wanted to do – and he was the one who eventually got me my first life coaching job!

Perfectionism Mindset Block 

I was always waiting for the perfect moment or to be perfect to put myself out there.  I think you might agree that there is never a perfect moment.  This mindset blocks is perfect for fueling procrastination and playing small.  Fearing what others will think or say is paralyzing.  We think if we just make everything perfectly perfect we can avoid that criticism…

Nope, that never happens anyway.  No matter what we do we will have critics.  That’s not an indictment of you, what other people think of you says more about them anyways.  We need to grow thicker skin and just be ourselves.  The learning happens on the road anyways and if you don’t put yourself out there, you won’t learn to be courageous.  Being stagnate is horrible.  I’ve been in that phase and there is nothing worse than waiting for something that will never come.

Fearing Mistakes Mindset Block

I’ll refrain from standing on a soap box because I’m super guilty of this, BUT I have made huge headway and I’ll share my experience with you… This one is closely connected to the perfectionist mindset but a little bit different.

Making mistakes is the fear of getting it wrong, looking bad, and not being perceived as perfect.  Some of the most amazing life lessons that I’ve learned went like this: I made a mistake, I accepted responsibility for it (this phase hurts so much!) and I took action (either apologize, change my approach, etc.) and subsequently I learned from it (yippee! Best stage EVER).  It feels good to be on the other side of making a mistake.

In fact, making mistakes teach us lessons that only making mistakes can teach. There’s no way around it.  You either have the courage to make a mistake and take responsibility for it or you play small and never get out of your comfort zone.

Self-Doubt Mindset Block

We all question whether or not we have what it takes to succeed. Sometimes we may reflect on past failures as confirmation of our inability to be successful. This is a major mindset trap.  Try to re-frame those experiences in a way that allows you to learn from them.  Have you ever failed?  Yes?  We all have and that doesn’t mean you don’t have what it takes to be successful.  If you look at your previous failures through the lens of “What did I learn from it?” then these experiences can help you grow and refine your skills. 

Everyone fails but it’s not some proof that you aren’t good enough or don’t have what it takes to be a success.

People Pleasing Mindset Block

I’m not advocating that you stop caring about other people but trying to please others at the expense of you being authentic is a mindset block. A big one. Are you worried about offending someone or having them not like you because you might say or do something that they disagree with?  There is no way you can live a life of passion and purpose if you let this mindset control your actions.  Why?  Because when you are too busy pleasing others, you are not being you.

Challenge yourself to say something you know might ruffle a few feathers (if it’s something you feel strongly about), and notice how it feels. It might be scary at first but overtime you will feel more confident.  Why?  Because through your actions you are validating yourself and saying “I am good enough, yes… I rock”.

The biggest misconception I see out there is that you must discover your passion by reading, researching and googling etc. This couldn’t be further from the truth. To discover your passion you FIRST must face all the mindset blocks/ fears/ barriers that are keeping you stuck.  Once those things are addressed then the clarity about your passion and purpose naturally surfaces…. Ahhh… nice right?

It’s like planting a seed.  If you create the right environment and tend to it, the growing just happens naturally.  That’s the miracle.

But don’t take my word for it, put it to the test and try facing these 7 mindset blocks to see what happens! What mindset blocks are you currently facing?