follow your dreamsStaying motivated towards your dreams can be challenging at the best of times…

Especially when the summer sun is bursting through your windows, patios are calling your name and the beach is waiting for you…  Summer can definitely be a distracting time but here are some easy tools to keep you on track anytime of the year! 



3 easy tools to keep you on track towards your dreams


#1 Remember your “WHY”

Its important to know why you are doing what you’re doing. It keeps you motivated towards your dreams and reminds you that there is an important reason you want to achieve this.  Try asking yourself why this goal matters to you and post your ‘why’ somewhere you will see it daily!


#2 Reflect on the alternative

Discomfort can be a good motivator! Ask yourself “What would happen if in 5 years things didn’t change?” Could you live with it?  If not, then keep on keeping on…


#3 Mentally Prepare Yourself

Walking in the path of your dreams is like bushwhacking. It’s challenging, exciting and a little scary at times because the path is paved with your fears and insecurities.  But this is a good thing especially if personal growth is your desire ~ following your dreams will certainly challenge you!  As long as you know this and mentally prepare for it, nothing can stop you. 

Try starting a “fear journal” and any time you find yourself giving excuses to not stay on the path towards your dreams just write out what’s going on for you. 


Remember, reaching your dreams is always a work in progress and requires a great deal of commitment.  Success is inevitable if you stay the course and don’t ever give up. Try these tools today to keep you moving forward because those dreams will bring happiness and fulfillment 🙂


Now I’d love to hear from you!  If you have any other tips or tricks on how to stay on track towards your dreams please share in the comments section below. Id love to hear them and so would our readers!


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