Your negative thinking can help you get unstuck.  True story!  If you can learn to see and use your negative thoughts as tools for growth than nothing will ever hold you back!

The big picture:  Real change can only happen from within.  Which means that WE have to change… not the situation, not the people or our circumstances.  The way we interact with our environment and others will determine how successful we are in life.  This is good news because it comes back to just us… no one else is responsible for our life.

I tend to see stuff like this differently… I don’t see things as bad or good.  I see everything as an opportunity to grow.  I may feel uncomfortable, scared or stressed (but it’s not necessarily a bad thing).  Life is my teacher and I trust every experience I have is for my betterment and positive growth.

In the short video I talk about the idea of using negative thoughts as sign posts which can point us in the direction of our solutions.  With this approach we are invinsible!  Seriously.  And it’s so empowering because we can learn to lead ourselves when we are in really difficult situations.

It’s the end of seeking.  No more books, no more workshops because we have all of the tools and resources internally…  The problem has been that most people haven’t realize it or haven’t practiced using these tools enough to get good at it.  Practice makes perfect!

So… I’ve got a negative belief, now what?

Good question.  First of all, I want to congratulate you on discovering a negative belief and seeing it as a belief rather than truth – such a major achievement!!

Step 1 –   You need to accept that it’s there.  Blame your mom, dad, society or whatever.. it doesn’t matter and it won’t change the fact that it’s there.  So welcome it.  Accepting it and acknowledging it is often the hardest but most important step.  Things will start to shift even after this very simple step.

Step 2 –   Realize that it’s untrue and prove that it’s bullshit.  Let’s say you think that you are really bad in social situations, the solution is to try to remember times when you were really enjoying yourself socializing.  Also remember that things like this take practice so just commit to proving that belief wrong with your actions.  For example, commit to putting yourself in more social situations.

Step 3 –   Investigate the emotions that are underlying your negative beliefs.  The emotions underlying the thoughts keep the beliefs alive.  The only way to get rid of the negative belief is to feel the emotion underlying it.  The deepest healing can happen in the most simple of ways and just through feeling the underlying emotions the beliefs naturally release their grip on us.  Don’t ask, I don’t know how it works… it’s just mother nature doing her thing and helping us out.  But we have to ‘feel’ it to create the space for this change to happen.

I hope that helps you along your journey!  Remember to always declutter your beliefs because they get outdated fast.

What sort of negative beliefs have you discovered?