What is my purpose as a Coach?

My purpose as a facilitator is to guide each client towards the true cause of their challenge so they remain honest and on track.   I create a space for people to explore their challenges safely to discover solutions that they didn’t know existed.  I have satisfied my purpose when my clients live lives that are in alignment with their values and live without fear controlling their behavior.

What makes me excited to go to work in the morning?

I love to see people achieve simple and profound clarity in their lives.  It is a gift I enjoy sharing and something that inspires me to continue growing myself.  This is what I am here to do.  I find joy in helping others identify and simplify challenges into digestible bites so they can move forward easily. 

What is my core motivation for doing what I do?

It’s kinda selfish really… I believe that if we become more peaceful it will create a peaceful world.  I want to see humanity create a global community of love and inclusivity which can happen only when we love and accept ourselves.

What do I stand for?

We cannot waste anymore time trying to find answers outside of ourselves. We are our best teacher and guide.   It’s all about courage and learning to face ourselves honestly and lovingly.  If we do that, anything is possible!

Who do I love to work with?

I love working with women in their 20’s and 30’s that have become aware of personal barriers that keep them stuck.  They are busy professionals who have a passion and want to share it with the world.  These women are courageous and willing to face their challenges because they know that freedom is possible. They believe that collaboration is vital to success and are able to ask for help.  They are tired of living a life according to someone else’s dream and are ready to create their own.  

How will you know if you need my services?

If you are at a stand still and feel paralyzed about making decisions.  You know that the old is no longer working but you have not been able to identify the new yet.  If you are unable to find clear solutions to current or recurring challenges contact me for a free initial consult anytime!