Life will become so much easier if you stop believing it all – I promise.

Most of us have thoughts and believe they are absolutely true. They aren’t  They’re just thoughts! It’s not about trying to control them or trying to stop them because they’re noise.  Who cares?

You don’t have to believe what your thoughts are saying. You have the choice.
Do you tell the person next to you to stop talking because by listening to them you are automatically starting to believe what they say? No. I didn’t think so.  Then why are you inclined to automatically believe what your own thoughts are saying?

You are not your thoughts. You are thinking your thoughts but that doesn’t make them true. There is a big difference; rather than believing everything you think, recognize thoughts for what they are – just noise.  Some thoughts are worth listening to but most aren’t.

Sometimes we think a lot of crap so don’t believe your thoughts all the time. Don’t make your life more complicated than it has to be. Pick and choose what you want to believe; pick the things that are going to support you and let go of the things that are holding you back.