intuition life coach vancouverAs a Life Coach my intuition is kind of like my secret weapon.  I would be lost without it and horrible at my job (just being honest).  I am so grateful for this skill but it wasn’t always that way.  I used to think it was a total hassle and super annoying… T.M.I!

Most of the clients I work with are also very intuitive (some realize it more than others).  Do you ever feel overwhelmed by other people’s emotions or energy?  Can you feel what other people are feeling just by looking at them?  Do you wish you could somehow protect yourself from this because it’s kind of weirding you out?  I also used to believe that I had to protect my sensitive self from the heavy and dense world but my perspective on that has changed.

It is common to feel overwhelmed by the awareness that comes from being sensitive/empathic and it’s totally normal to want to protect yourself from people’s energy.  Being empathic can cause boundary issues because your sense of self – where you begin and end – becomes very vague and you become oversensitive to the energy around you. This can make it challenging to be in crowds for example because you feel everything very deeply.

At some point the need to distinguish other peoples stuff from your own stuff becomes irrelevant. Why? Well because there is no separation between any of us. We are all one. Sound too simple? That’s because it is.

Besides, if the emotion is in your energy field then it is your own emotion as well. It may have been triggered by a situation or someone else but it only awakened the pain that was already there. So rather than trying to allocate whose is whose, you simply feel it. The emotion itself is not the problem, it is the story you attach to it that creates the drama. Emotion is just neutral energy – think of the word EMOTION:

E- MOTION = energy in motion.

The quote from Shakespeare expresses that beautifully, “Nothing is good or bad, only thinking makes it so”.

If you can just allow the neutral energy of any emotion to flow through you then you are experiencing true freedom and allowing Mother Nature to carry out her healing work.

Learning not to identify with our thoughts or emotions is the task here. Why would you do that? Simply because those emotions or feelings are not you- you are much more than that. It is like being an ocean and realizing that you are more than just the waves.

Whenever you feel a heavy or uncomfortable energy in yourself the goal is to just feel it and eventually it passes.  This is sometimes called witness consciousness, which is the art of learning how to observe life without judgment (not an easy thing to do!).

A daily meditation practice works well AND being mindful throughout the day is even better. Mindfulness can be practiced by being aware of breath, noticing what kind of thoughts are present in the mind or feeling the different sensations in the body…all without judgment.

According to the Law of Attraction everything that comes into your awareness you are responsible for attracting. That includes the friend that calls all the time to talk about her problems, the issue with the co-worker or the neighbor that seems to know how to push your buttons. There is something in you that is attracting and creating those situations and more importantly- creating your reaction to them.

You are responsible for everything that happens in your life.

Rather than blaming others for your drama and emotional reactions you can choose to look within and take responsibility for it. Remember that focusing on your reaction is much more enlightening than only focusing the situation itself. Focusing here does not mean judging or analyzing, it simply means observing and witnessing. After a while you will end up looking forward to emotional reactions since they provide you with opportunities for self-discovery. Seriously!

Imagine how much better you would feel if you don’t worry about how situations or other people’s energy affects you.  It is as if you can live fearlessly and are okay with whatever happens. Ahhhhhh…. finally you can let go and relax.






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