comfort-zoneAre you feeling stuck in your life and not sure how to take the next step?  Are you feeling mentally overwhelmed and exhausted when you think of all the possibilities?  Do you sometimes worry about not having what it takes to achieve your dream life?

If you really want to get unstuck and make positive changes you need to let yourself feel shitty…. yep that’s right!

Trying to be too positive and avoiding the shitty emotions might be keeping you stuck from taking that next step and here’s why…

When you don’t give yourself the chance to feel less-than-positive emotions you are making a part of you wrong and making the present moment not quite right.

Do you ever feel a shitty emotion when you wake up in the middle of the night and make that feeling wrong?  Do you ever use a gratitude journal, meditation practice or  affirmations as a way to change your shitty mood into something more positive?

This might feel like a good idea but any emotion that you suppress gets stuck in your body and blocks healthy energy flow (and confident decision making).  Making decisions becomes really hard when you avoid feeling ALL of your emotions (don’t play favorites!).

If you give yourself the opportunity to explore those darker places (and accept them) you will suddenly find that solutions to your problems just pop up into your mind!  I’m not sure how it works I just know that it does!

When you feel a shitty emotion do you ever worry that it will never stop and you will get taken over by it?  Does that scare you?  You are not alone, everyone’s mind says that to them.  It’s just the ego trying to scare you from truly accepting yourself and it usually works, right?

If you really want to get unstuck and start making positive choices then try feeling the not-so-positive emotions once in a while so that your solutions can reveal themselves to you!  Yes it won’t feel comfortable…but don’t they say that life begins at the end of your comfort zone?

This weeks challenge:   I want to challenge you to allow yourself to feel a shitty mood today and don’t distract yourself from it with tv, taking to friends, affirmations, music, mantras, meditation…. just feel it as it is.

How do you try to stay present with all your emotions?  Please share any tips you have!  And if you like this post please share it!
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