N and AHey Beautiful,

Do you ever have self doubt and question whether you know the best answer for you?  I always thought I was on top of my own ‘self doubt’ game.

I thought I had mastered the techniques of listening to my intuition and learned how to be clear when guiding myself through uncharted waters… that is until my baby girl arrived.

As you all know I recently had Noelle, my beautiful baby girl, and being a first time mother I’ve completely entered a whole new reality.

As I learn to care for Noelle my intuition is always ‘pinging’ but in this new reality, I wasn’t trusting my own instincts anymore.

Between all the well meaning advice from friends, family, books and social media I was finding myself questioning my own judgment and feeling overwhelmed.

I found myself struggling with every decision, and doubting if I was making the best choices for my daughter – until, I caught myself.

I recognized that the only thing that had changed in my life was my external experience, and just because things had changed around me didn’t mean that I no longer could trust my instincts.

Dr. Victor Shamas, a psychologist at the University of Arizona, firmly believes in the power of Intuition.

Several years ago he conducted a study of over 100 pregnant women during their first trimester. He wanted to find out how many of them could correctly identify the gender of their baby based on instinct. Of those woman studied he found that 70 percent predicted the gender of their child based on a “gut feeling” or dream.

Dr. Shames states that “The ancient Romans believed that human beings have some sort of guiding mechanism built into you, and I agree that as humans, there is some sort of self-protective mechanism that guides us through life.”

What I have been humbled by from this experience is the reminder that when life challenges me in new ways the constant companion I know I can trust in, believe in and value is my own inner compass. It’ll never let me down, and I can promise you that yours won’t let you down either.

The only advice I’d ever give a new mom is to trust her gut always.

Have you ever listened to well meaning advice and ignored your gut instinct? Share your experience with me!

alycia-hall - life coach