Powerful IntentionsThe only thing standing between you and your dream is an uncomfortable feeling.

What about money, time, flexibility, education, responsibilities, age, ect?  Those things are never the real roadblock; they are just masking a shitty emotion. 


It’s always the fear of feeling shitty/ uncomfortable.

Why do you think society sells more pain killers than vitamins?  Or why are people 100 times more likely to avoid pain than they are to seek pleasure?  Feeling shitty sucks, it’s a fact. 

Most marketing focuses on this too:  Find a problem, offer a solution and focus on how your product/service removes that problem.

I’m not reinventing the wheel here, just sayin’ how it  is.  But what does all this have to do with your dreams?  Everything!  If the only thing getting in the way of your dream is a shitty emotion than the solution is simple! 

Get rid of the shitty emotion?  No… Sheesh!

That  never works for very long (unless you had a continuous slow drip of morphine going through your veins)… okay so that’s not an option.  The best solution is…

Get comfortable with shitty emotions!

Ya, it’s as simple as that.  This great feat is achieved through shifting your perspective and lots of practice. Shifting your perspective involves looking at your challenges differently.  It means getting curious about the challenge and looking inside directly at the discomfort.  

Don’t want to look silly, be rejected or be perceived as a failure?  What are the sensations/ emotions behind those thoughts?  The answer to that is the gold nugget of truth to your challenge.

Seek out what it is that truly makes you feel uncomfortable and practice sitting with it more.

There is a huge difference between just noticing a shitty feeling and allowing that shitty feeling to control your behavior.  For example, many people avoid taking job promotions because it would involve more public speaking.

This is an example of a fear controlling someone’s behavior  The enlightened way to respond is to feel the feeling that sucks and take the promotion anyways, knowing that you are scared shi#less.  That’s the difference… did someone say courage?

What’s your dream?  What shitty emotion stands between you and it?  Are you ready to feel that discomfort and do what you love anyway?


Vancouver life coach alycia