Do you still think you need to fix yourself?  I do it, you do it, he/she does it.  But why?  We think we need to change ourselves and improve who we are but we don’t.  The problem isn’t in reality – it’s in our heads. 

The mind is very tricky – don’t let it fool you into thinking that you need to earn your worth.  If you find yourself thinking not-so-nice thoughts about you – just stop it.  The reason you need to stop is because it gets you exactly what you don’t want.  To repeat:  It gets you exactly what you don’t want.  So there, now you know that it’s a complete waste of time, so what’s next?  Breaking habits take persistence.  You need to practice, practice and practice. 

Practice stopping these negative thoughts.  If you are in that negative mindset just stop and think about something else.  You are perfect and just wonderful right now, you don’t need to fix anything.  You got to believe that.  Let it go and notice how you feel instead, that’s where true healing happens anyway.