Courage.  What does courage mean to you? Does it mean confronting pain? How about risking something?  Taking a walk on the side of danger?  Or maybe it means checking in with uncertainty or even taking that jump out of the plane for that skydive?

Courage can look many different ways in our lives and perhaps can even slip past you without even acknowledging it.  You make the job switch you wanted to take, unforeseen circumstances arise and you just get done what needs to be done.  You take that leap of faith!

Courage comes when we least expect it or it’s something that we consciously have to move towards.  It doesn’t just mean saving someone from that crosswalk accident. It shows up in small ways too. For some it’s making it until tomorrow. Sometimes it means believing in yourself to accomplish something you’ve been holding back on.

We all have the ability to view something in a different light.   Courage is in all of us.  It takes Courage to make that switch in our thinking to take that leap of faith and exercise courage.  Exercise it we must. And you already have in many different ways!

I would like to extend a Fearless Factor One-on-One Session to one lucky reader.  Take the step of courage and share with us:

  • Your most Courageous story to date
  • What you would like to explore now and how I can support you

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Entries are open to Participants age 18 years of age and older.  Contest will be drawn on Wednesday June 1st and announced at 12 noon.