Hey Beautiful!

Have you ever sat down and thought about all the things you have learned in your life so far?  The things that you know for sure, not what you have heard or read from someone else.  I decided it would be a fun exercise to write out all the things I’ve learned so far which sadly isn’t as much as I would have hoped!  But what I realized while doing this is that the older I get, the less I know.  That’s because life has done an excellent job of humbling me when I think I’ve got it all sorted out 🙂  What have you learned so far?

Here goes!

There is no such thing as black or white… grey predominates

Intelligence is measured in many different ways

Wisdom communicated loses most of its essence

There are some things I will never fully understand

Making peace with myself makes it possible to make peace with others

Challenges are the most precious thing that life can give us

Searching is necessary until it isn’t

Learning to feel all emotions fully is the ticket to true freedom

Intimacy is more than just in the bedroom

People treat others the way they treat themselves

No one knows for sure what happens after

Comparing gets you nowhere but lost

A good life begins and ends with love

One conversation can change your life

If you feel old, you are old and if you feel young, you are young

My fears always point me towards my purpose

Walking is a gift and so is everything else

Running away is the easy way out

Falling in love doesn’t have to look like a fairy tale

There are over 6 billion different realities and counting

What makes sense now might not tomorrow

Following your heart requires courage

Life is simplified by listening to our hearts

Everything is as it should be and why wouldn’t it be?


Now it’s your turn, what have you learned so far on your journey?