what to do when fear shows upFeeling unfocused and unclear?

Many people make their way to my office for life coaching because somewhere in their life they feel stuck.

Finding a clear path and getting back on track can be littered with a variety of thoughts, opinions and ideas that can feel overwhelming. 


Here are 3 steps to help get clear on your path:


Switch from thinking to feeling

The overreliance on thinking to solve a problem can actually be what’s keeping you stuck.  Ironic, I know.  In order to have a complete understanding of what direction you need to take you must pay attention to the signals from your body.

Your body is constantly sending you signals and most of us just glaze over that information.  But by shifting the focus from your head to your body you will gain much more clarity on what you really want (the body never lies but the mind can be difficult to decode).

Remove the inner blocks

It seems counter intuitive, but often the reason we are unclear about what path to take is because we have personal blocks (seemingly unrelated to the problem at hand) that get in the way.  

Where do you feel drained, what relationships trigger you negatively, where do you feel the most uncomfortable in your life right now?

It’s not about indulging in the story, it’s about noticing the feelings that surface when you are in those situations or reflect on them.  Observing the emotions mindfully will help you create space and give you the clarity you need.  Try out this meditation technique to help you work with these emotions/sensations -> Click Here

Write it out or talk it out

By getting what is in your head out and articulated on paper or verbally forces you to organizes your thoughts and put your situation into perspective. It gives you an opportunity to become clear, concise and reflective about the problem at hand.

This step alone can provide great clarity because it forces you to really get clear on what the struggle is and isn’t about. Once you have that clarity then it’s about creating a plan of action.

No one likes being stuck…and you don’t have to feel that way anymore!  Try out these 3 steps and if you have any further suggestions on how you get un-stuck, please share it with me in the comments below!

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