Solve your greatest challengesSolving your biggest challenges is not always easy but it can be done without wasting tons of time.

Do you every spin your wheels overthinking something but can’t find a solution? 

Are you trying to discover your ideal career?  Are you trying to create more meaningful relationships?

I hear it all the time with my clients – they overthink the challenge so much that they actually get physically drained.  They get absolutely exhausted spinning their wheels. 

And worst of all they conclude that because they can’t find a solution there must be something wrong with them.

Do you ever put yourself down for not being able to overcome your challenges?  Do you see yourself making the same mistakes over and over again?

The problem isn’t that you can’t find the solution; the problem is that you’re not letting the solution surface.

The pressure you put on yourself to solve it ends up burying the solutions deeper. Yep.

I had a client today tell me that through the coaching she learned that she put too much pressure on herself and it kept her stuck.  She said that she wants to stop worrying about the future, recognizing that certain things cannot be forced.   

She is committed to letting go more.

If spinning your wheels is getting you nowhere then try a different approach – try letting go for a bit instead.

Meditate, practice deep breathing or sit in nature… Then see what happens.

No it won’t be easy (because the ego hates doing nothing) but it will help you discover your solutions faster.  I see it all the time.

Besides, why do something that you know doesn’t work?  That’s just crazy 🙂


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