vancouver life coach alyciaHey beautiful!  Do you ever get to the end of your day and feel exhausted, drained and in need of a reality show to mentally check-out… and perhaps some chocolate?

If that only happens occasionally then it’s not a big deal. But when this becomes the norm, that’s when it’s time to take a closer look.

That goes for anything in your life. If you start noticing patterns in your relationships, at work or personal life that aren’t working for you anymore – it’s an invitation from life to look closer and make changes.

But let’s say you have noticed a pattern of coming home feeling completely exhausted most days of the week.

If it’s starting to bug you and you want to make changes then you might choose to set up goals like not watching tv after work, or going to a dance class on Wednesday nights or to stop eating anything sweet after dinner, ect…

Yes those are amazing habits but unless you address the root cause of the exhaustion, the changes will be temporary and you will just default back to feeling that way.

It’s better (and far more effective) to look at what’s causing the exhaustion and the need to numb out and binge into some sugary goodness.

Distractions are nice once in a while (who doesn’t like a glass of wine in the middle of the afternoon…LOL) but if it’s a regular thing than it might be time to inquire about what you are trying to avoid… Feeling that is.  Yes it always comes down to that.  Feeling the feelings :)

Our behaviour is usually motived by either wanting to avoid feeling something or a desire to feel something specific. Craving or aversion.

This is a common human condition but unfortunately most of us have very little understanding of it as it is happening.

We only notice the end result… the symptoms: The bad habits, the knee-jerk reactions, the “oops I wish I could back in time and change that”’s.

Paying less attention to the symptoms and getting curious about the root cause is not very comfortable but it is the most efficient way to achieve your goals and sustain them long term.

This is actually really good news! The end result is saving tons of time and energy… And who doesn’t love efficiency?


Let’s try some homework this week:

The next time you feel run down and are doing some distraction-type behavior just stop and ask yourself, “what am I avoiding feeling right now?”

Close your eyes place your attention on your body and feel what is there. Then just write down whatever you feel in a journal.  It could be an emotion like irritation or a physical sensation like tension.

Eventually you’ll start to notice a pattern of what you are avoiding and the root cause will start to reveal itself to you.

Your self-awareness will grow and expand and before you know it, your intuition will be so honed and life will feel a lot easier :)

Have you been trying to create changes and discovered that addressing the root cause works way better?  What’s worked best for you?  Please share your tips below in the comments section!