I don’t know about you but growing up I avoided criticism like the plague..

Acceptance without Judgment

I was always worried about saying or doing the wrong thing for fear of judgment.

So I stayed quiet and out of the way and even stopped talking for a full year when I was 5. 

Even now I sometimes struggle with putting myself out there – I think there’s that 5 year old still inside me worried about saying the ‘wrong’ thing or being criticized. 

Have you ever held back what you really felt or believed in because you were worried about what others might say or do?

Working with 100’s of clients over the past 7 years as a coach, I started to notice some common themes. One being that most clients struggled with saying yes when they really wanted to say no.  Or they didn’t share their opinions because they were worried about how others would react.

They weren’t expressing themselves honestly.

They also didn’t feel very fulfilled and this wasn’t a coincidence – expressing yourself honestly and living a fulfilling life go hand in hand.

Yes the more you put yourself out there the more criticism you are going to experience but don’t let that hold you back from speaking your mind and being true to yourself – your happiness depends on it.

3 reasons why criticism can be a good thing:

1) Deeper Fulfillment

By sharing yourself and your personality unapologetically you will have a larger impact in the world.  Yes you will have to get out of your comfort zone to do it but you will feel more fulfilled and purposeful as a result.

2) Discover Your People

Yes speaking your mind and ‘being you’ might annoy some people because they disagree with your views but you will also be able to find and connect with the ones who really get you.  You will find YOUR people.

3) Develop Confidence

The side effect of speaking out and being true to yourself is that you start to accept yourself more (just as you are)… this powerful act ultimately leads to more genuine self-confidence – and who doesn’t want more of that?!


Remember to be kind when expressing yourself, remember that your beliefs will change all the time and to respect everyone’s perspective and journey.

If you keep those things in mind while you share yourself with the world then the possibilities will be endless.


Vancouver life coach alycia

Now I’d love to hear from you! What are your best tips for dealing with criticism? Share what’s worked for you in the comments section below.