What to Expect – Life Coaching Process

After working together you will…

  • Know your true passion and life purpose
  • Discover your unique strengths that make you stand out
  • Decrease stress while increasing your fulfillment
  • Develop a concrete plan to achieve your career goals
  • Achieve the health and vitality you deserve
  • Learn how to start make a living doing what you love
  • Align who you are with what you do at work
  • ~


For our life coaching sessions we will meet @ the YWCA Vancouver Program Center OR if you don’t live in Vancouver then we will connect via phone/skype.  For those type A’s out there (that’d be me) here’s what you can expect from my life coaching program:

Stage 1 – CLARIFY

Get clear.  We will review all the intake forms and get a very clear picture of what’s working and what’s not working in your life.  You will see where you are now and where you want to be so you can effectively bridge that gap.


Notice and focus. Figure out what needs to change … yesterday and what can wait on the back burner for a little while.  In this stage we get super focused and prioritize all your goals so we can put your action plan together.

Stage 3 – TARGET

Identify and design. Create a customized action plan that addresses your unique needs, wants and lifestyle goals. This is tailored to you to ensure your success.  This action plan will be challenging but it will also be realistic so that you experience success.

Stage 4 – ACTION

Talk is cheap, make real changes by taking action.  Yes deep change can happen through discussion but coaching is also action-oriented.  So while everyone else is talking about what they want to do, you are doing it. I won’t settle for anything but your best and neither will you.


Assess and celebrate. We often skim over our successes but not with me because I know celebration is fuel for future achievments.  Feel great about your success and feel empowered to make other changes. You have come a long way and deserve to enjoy it!

Want to get started? Contact Vancouver based Life Coach, Alycia