overcoming fear and self doubtResistance is both my nemesis and teacher.

How can that be?  Because where my resistance lives is where my joy is found too – they are just two sides of the same coin.

The feeling of resistance is different for everyone and the trick is to discover how it shows up for you.  Negative thinking, self doubt, fear, worry, restlessness and anxiety can potentially block your potential if it goes unnoticed.

On the flip side, if we spend time becoming aware of how we sabotage our own progress we can begin to have some control over the outcome.

My resistance comes up around writing.  I love it just as much as I am afraid of it.  On a deeper level I know my soul desires self-expression like nothing else.  So everyday I face my inner battle to share moments like this with the world.

Where is resistance showing up in your life?  Is it when you try to implement that new exercise routine, launch a new business idea or when you go to write your book, blog or article?

What are you resisting and desiring at this moment?  How will you step into that discomfort and take action now?

The more fear you have towards something the greater your souls desire to overcome it… accept the fear and go for it anyways!


Vancouver life coach alycia