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If you are feeling stuck and don’t know where to start I want you to know that:

…you already have everything NOW to create your dream


Are you frustrated because you can’t get out of your rut?  Are you tired of spinning your wheels and getting nowhere?  Are you ready to identify the root cause of why you are stuck so you can achieve your potential?


Who is the 5 Week From Awareness to Action Course Designed For?


  • Do you know what is really stopping you from moving forward… or are you spinning your wheels?
  • Are you sure about how to overcome your big block… or have you tried everything and are close to giving up?
  • Do you know what actions you need to take to achieve what you want… or are you overwhelmed with all the possibilities?


I get it.  Over the years I have met with hundreds of clients who struggle and get caught up in the opinions of others, self doubt and negative self-talk – as a result, they don’t live to their full potential.


What will you get out of the 5 Week From Awareness to Action Digital Course?


The Awareness to Action digital course will help you to move forward in the direction of YOUR dreams by taking you into the root cause so you can act with confidence

:: Dive deep into your major blocks and habits that are keeping you stuck in a rut and holding you back from achieving the clarity you need to make positive changes

:: Empower yourself by remembering how powerful you really are and by learning to trust your intuition and stop double guessing yourself

:: Learn the powerful technique that will help you address the ROOT cause of your issue so that you can create permanent + lasting change

And get ready for weekly videos, guided meditations and worksheets delivered straight to your inbox full of powerful inspiration designed to get you into action!


Get it for $97


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The Awareness to Action Course Details:


What You Will Get
  • Once you sign up you will receive 5 weekly course videos to guide you through the exercises along with a Clarity Map to track your progress and clarify your goals
  • You will also get 5 weekly guided meditations to help you dig deep and uncover the true cause (and solution) of your challenges.
  • PLUS, throughout the course, I am there for you to reach out to anytime if you have questions, comments or just wanna say hi!  
  • This is not your average online course!  The system I use has consistently helped my clients identify the solutions to their challenges from within themselves and move forward in their lives from a place of true confidence.
What You Will Need

Courage.  Yep just saying.. the reason this process is so effective is because we aim right at the root cause of your challenge.

You need to commit to a couple hours or more a week for the course work including, the weekly course video, guided meditation and journaling homework.  

More than anything you need to have a willingness to face the very thing you don’t want to look at with an open mind! Oh and a really good coffee or tea doesn’t hurt 🙂

Get Ready To

:: Learn how to take action with confidence and stop worrying about what other people think or say (and finally listen to + trust your gut!)

:: Understand why everything you have learned about manifesting your dreams is ineffective and how to do it in way less time (so you can live your dream now!)

:: How to effectively remove negative thoughts and bad habits from your life so you can instantly feel energized and excited (and it takes no extra time at all!)

:: My proven technique for getting you unstuck by going deeper than you have ever gone before (and the HUGE transformation that comes from going inside)

Watch this video to find out more!



If you are ready to create something new I invite you to join me on this 5 week adventure in creating the life you are meant to have!


Get it for $97