prioritizing responsibilities Do you have trails of undone projects everywhere in your life?

How do you prioritize your responsibilities and still stay balanced? 

I was asked this question by Justine who was looking for some ideas and solutions to this problem. 

Justine was trying to figure out how to manage all of her responsibilities (sewing class, work responsibilities, family, ect) so she ask me to write a blog to provide some ideas. 

The most amazing part of this was that Justine came to her own solution while we were emailing each other – It was brilliant and I want to share her wisdom with you! 

Here are tips that will help you prioritize your responsibilities:

Vent It Out:

After emailing me her question Justine wrote at the end that she felt more relieved just sharing her challenge with me.  It’s true – we all need to vent and get things out.  It helps us to de clutter the mind and get more focused. Ultimately you want to somehow release your feelings so you can get out of your head about it.

Ideas for this step: Journal, talk to a friend, email me, or try to express your feelings by writing a poem.

Image Your Options:

In the 2nd email I got back from Justine she said she remembered standing in her hallway imagining frantically getting ready for her sewing class which made her feel overwhelmed.  So she imaged the second option which was to talk a bath and take some time out.  It felt peaceful, compassionate and almost respectful to herself.  There was no denying it – one was out of obligation and one was for herself.

When you are unsure about making a decision remember that your body will guide you. All it takes is for you to spend a few moments to slow down and sit with your options.

Ideas for this step: Imagine each option and then notice how your body feels – the one that feels best might be the better option for you.

Notice the Negative Thoughts:

For Justine she realized that part of her stress was around what other people would think if she didn’t go to the class. 

Do you ever agree to do something because you are worried about what other people will think if you don’t?  

Justine imagined her friends forming judgments about her for missing a class… and she worried about how they would act towards her.  But then she realized that they all missed classes at different occasions and she still liked them (obviously)! As soon as she thought about this she realized that it was just a silly story and not at all true. Paying attention to your thoughts is very important when you find yourself stressed out.

Ideas for this step: Identify all of the negative thoughts are story’s you are telling yourself and ask yourself if they are actually true.

Remember to Put Yourself First…

Justine realized that she hadn’t taken much time to relax lately so she decided to give herself that gift and put herself first.  It’s not easy to make yourself a priority but by following those three steps you will be able to prioritize perfectly and stay in balance! 

Life can be overwhelming even when you are doing things you love.  Listen to your body and trust your gut because at the end of the day – only you know what’s best for you.

Now I’d love to hear from you!  How do you prioritize your goals and keep yourself in balance?


Vancouver life coach alycia