Are you sick of trying to please everyone?

Have you noticed that no matter how hard you try it doesn’t work anyway?

I admit that being judged is scary but living a life trying to impress other people is even scarier!


Why?  Because you will never have a fulfilling life if you try to live up to other peoples’ expectations. 

The end result is frustration and a life of untapped potential… full of questions of “what ifs?” and “I wonder where I would be now..?”.

The easiest way to live a life that fulfills you is to find out what you love to do!  And of course do more of it… 😉


Write out a list of all the things that make you feel alive and excited

Just carve out 10 minutes right now to brainstorm everything that makes you feel joyful!  Once you have that list completed – review it and pick one thing that you can do this week.

Don’t let your mind talk you out of it – just take the action.

You could put it off until tomorrow but putting it off is just delaying and magnifying the inevitable disappointment. 

Once you have created your list please share what you will commit to doing this week.  I want to support and encourage you while you take this big step!  Click here!


I know how scary being judged is… but I also know that trying to please everyone is the worst way to handle it…  It’s time to live a life that fulfills you by doing what you love!

Now I’d love to hear your story!  How do you stay on track to living a fulfilled life?   Please share your best tips and advice below.

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