3 Month Coaching Payment Success

Congratulations on your purchase!

I am confident that the next 3 months is going to be such an awesome experience and I am so honored that you are allowing me to be a part of your journey.  It’s going to involve lots of fear facing, self-awareness building and confidence raising so that you can face those pesky fears and start living the life you really want!

I know this 3 month program is going to be a big commitment for you but I really think you are going to be soooooo frickin’ glad you did!  My customized program is going to help you get out of your comfort zone so that you can let go of what’s not working and create something that does. I wonder what that will be for you… (ohhh I can’t wait to find out!)

I’d love for you to quickly write down your answers to this following 3 questions and then email them to me right now alyciahall@live.ca ~

  1. What brought you to this program?  (What was the motivation?)
  2. What do you REALLY want to get out of it? (What will make you feel like it was worth it?)
  3. How will you know that you achieved it? (What will be the tangible result?)

I will be sending you a personal message very soon to schedule our first appointment.  In the meantime, please complete the forms below because I’ll need you to scan and email the completed forms over at least 24hrs before our first appointment.  I want to read them over and really get to know you before we even get started!

Here are the worksheets to complete:

(Wai – please include the 4 worksheets here) – let’s make them look pretty and nicely organized – do you have any ideas?

I’ll be in touch soon gorgeous!


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