Want to know the secret how to always being on the right path?

The key word is: Trust.

“Nothing is good or bad, only thinking makes it so”.  Shakespeare

A lot of problems are created when we start analyzing things and put them in either the box of ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

Rather than see things as good or bad, try to see it all as interconnected – steps towards some outcome that we won’t know till we get there. It comes down to trusting that we’re going to be taken care of. No matter what, we’re going where we need to be.


Story Time!

My meditation teacher told me a story about a farmer in a village whose horse ran away. The villagers were all “Oh wow, you have such shitty luck – too bad for you!”

But months later that horse come back healthy, happy and with a baby. Now the villagers were saying “Ah, you’re so lucky!”

Then a couple of months later, the farmer’s son got kicked by that little baby horse and broke his leg. All the villagers said “Oh my God, that’s horrible luck that sucks!”

Then the country goes to war and all able-bodied boys and men have to fight. The farmer’s son stayed home because of his broken leg and all the villagers said “Oh my God, you’re so lucky your son gets to stay here!”

And the story goes on and on and on…. (Don’t worry I won’t)


That’s life, right?

We never know what’s going to happen; we never know what situation may lead to another situation. It’s all a mystery so we just have to trust that it’s all for the good and trust that we are on the right path.  Key word is trust.

So, no more making things good or bad! Work with things, however they seem.

Accept them.  Enjoy the mystery.