Haven’t you heard?  Apparently, seeking is so out right now…  Turns out it was never in!

The news on the street is that looking for something that you already have looks ridiculous and isn’t that sexy.

Go figure.

I can’t help but remember an example of a time long, long ago when I was foolish (last month)…

… I was getting ready to leave my house with keys, sunglasses and phone in hand with my purse over my shoulder.  I was just about to leave the front door when I realized that it was sunny and I needed my glasses.  So off I went to go grab them.

Searching and searching they were nowhere to be found in any of the places they should have been.  I finally asked my boyfriend who was waiting impatiently by the front door where my glasses were.  He looked at me as if I lost my mind.

Why?  It’s sunny out and most people like to where sunglasses when it’s sunny out.  Duh.

It turns out he wasn’t questioning my logic for wearing sunglasses after all.  Just my intelligence… they were in my hand the whole time.

I gave a sheepish smile… hee hee

On that day I was for looking for my sunglasses but I can think of a hundred examples where I was foolishly looking for other things like peace, purpose and a sense of self-worth outside of myself.  Over the years I’ve begun to realize that it’s impossible to find something that you already have AND it looks kinda silly when you are trying.

Being a girl in the ‘personal growth’ world I see it all the time.  In a coaching session we can chat until our ears fall off… but the most powerful realizations happen when the client discovers the solution by simply directing their attention inward.  It’s amazing to me that we all have such an untapped resource right here, right now.  I guess, it’s so simple it’s hard to wrap our minds around it.  Silly us.

I will always remember when my meditation teacher introduced herself to me for the first time.  I had asked her to tell me about her and she started off with:

“I used to be a seeker and then I stopped…”

At the time it didn’t make sense, but I’m starting to get what she meant by that now.