mental_training_mindsetmaxMental resistance training can make our minds stronger in the same way that resistance training with weights can make our muscles stronger.

In the past I have been criticized for focusing too much on the “bad stuff” by people who believe that you attract what you focus on.  And although I believe in this philosophy (the laws of attraction) I’ve also learned to see it a bit differently…

If you are just tuning into my blog you might not know that I love fears…  I’m not in love with them per se but I think they are our bestest teachers.  I also believe that everything we want is on the other side of our fears and as a result, I believe we must walk through our fears to achieve what we want in life.   

So I had this epiphany today kind of… it occurred to me in my Bar Fitness class that resistance training with weights strengthens our muscles!  Okay, okay yes that’s obvious BUT mental resistance training can also strengthen our minds too. 

It’s the same principle ~ the more you learn to challenge your mind the stronger and more resistant to negative thinking you become.  

That being said, how do we strengthen our minds?  We can do this by facing our mental resistance of course, and don’t worry, facing them isn’t going to attract more bad stuff.  It is so much better to do this than a bunch of mental gymnastics (ie. denial, blaming, complaining, judging, projecting, escaping, affirming, criticising, rationalizing-the list goes on!) that keep us from facing the truth.  Besides, repressing something takes more energy than facing it (the irony …).

Repressing our emotions still requires tons of attention and when we take our attention away from the things that we want we end-up focusing (and subsequently) attracting more of what we don’t want.  🙁

Don’t be afraid to look at and face the things that may make you feel uncomfortable

…and out of your comfort zone (this also includes emotions).  When you are tempted to push it away and get lazy remind yourself about the weight training analogy – if you want to build strength and tone your mind you must challenge yourself.  Fortunately, the more you commit to this, the greater the return!

I promise that by facing your mental resistance you are not going to attract negative things.  In fact, you will attract the exact opposite and will enjoy the life you have been waiting to live! 


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