So… here’s to being single forever!  No that’s not a solution sadly.

Seriously though, meaningful relationships should drive you a little bit crazy.  Trust me it’s not as weird as it sounds. First of all, deep intimate relationships are not for the faint of heart. Agree?

They will challenge you in ways you’ve never been challenged before, they will bring up your deepest fears and insecurities….

Yes I know I’m leaving out a huge component that separates totally dysfunctional relationships from totally inspiring ones.  Here it is:


Both partners must be completely committed to supporting the other (and themselves) to face the self-sabotaging patterns that keep them from being their best. 


So many people end relationships abruptly not because they weren’t great for each other but because one or both of them couldn’t commit to the above concept.

Remember:  You’re not perfect, she’s not perfect and either is he.  We are all just human doing the best we can and sometimes it means we will make mistakes and hurt each other.

What’s important is how you respond after wards.  And asking yourself, if that response is truly getting you the result you want.

Intimate relationships are the best mirror into yourself.  It is a powerful tool for personal growth if you are willing to handle the heat.  What’s the benefit?  Well.. what do you think?

Meaningful relationships should drive you crazy but they should also inspire you to learn how to forgive and love deeper then ever before.