couple-upset-woman-man-2I’ve had my fair share of falling apart.  It’s beautiful and ugly, it’s transformative and awakening.  It heals on a level the mind never could.

Sometimes my falling apart was the result of a deep meditation; sometimes just a conversation… 

All I know is that when you stop running and hiding it can feel like you are falling apart.  It feels like you are losing control, it’s scary and awkward but at the same time it’s also freeing. 

Falling apart allows you to create what you really want

Falling apart is temporary.  Your mind would love to convince you that it is going to be permanent. That’s how it stays in control and keeps you from letting go… that’s how it keeps you stuck in your comfort zone.


Here are 5 common signs that you are resisting falling apart & how to let go:

You are non-stop busy throughout the day and have little time for yourself.

It feels like there is never enough time in the day for you. Try putting just 5 minutes aside daily to sit quietly and journal about anything you feel.

You put other people’s needs before your own.

You are often worried about what other people need or want and put yourself further down on the priority list.  What would putting yourself first look like?  Maybe you stop working at 5pm, take a relaxing bath, or go for a walk…  Do one thing today to put yourself first.

You do not like being alone.

The thought of being by yourself scares the crap out of you… you may die of boredom.  Try dedicating a day to being by yourself and notice all of the emotions and feelings that surface – face them and love them all.

You don’t listen to your gut or intuition.

Making decisions is made in the head rather than checking in with you to finding out what feels right.  Try closing your eyes to ask yourself a question then see what comes up for you…  Do this practice daily because it takes time.

You notice unhealthy patterns in personal relationships.

You have different people coming and going in your life but you see the same negative patterns showing up. These patterns are trying to teach you a beautiful lesson … Ask your intuition what these patterns are trying to teach you.

Those are 5 ways to let yourself fall apart so you can create something better.  Remember, when you let yourself fall apart you are actually creating more wholeness so it’s more than okay to fall apart… it’s beautiful!

Now I’d love to hear your story!  When have you felt like you were falling apart?  What lessons did you learn when you put yourself together?  Share your wisdom with us!



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