Meditate with Life Coach Alycia HallWe are surrounded by opinions.  We are in constant communication with the people around us.  It’s so hard to not internalize outside perspectives…. Some people provide pretty good feedback while others are way too critical of us.

I’m not saying don’t listen to constructive feedback – it can be really helpful.  But don’t listen to those opinions that want to change who you are at the core.  Every one of us has a unique personality, and there are no right, or wrong personalities.

Unfortunately, many people have learned to internalize other people’s values and desires instead of concentrating on what they want, they concentrate on what others want them to be. Yuk!  These people seek approval from those around them in order to determine their own self-worth.  Sadly, that never leads to anything good… unless they end up learning from it!  🙂 

After all… When our actions replicate our internal voice we finally feel that sense of self-worth, learn to appreciate our capabilities and feel that we are accomplishing something big.

So why are we so inclined to falling into the trap of judgement? Is it cultural, is it genetic? It’s probably both. For centuries people relied on the guidance from others to survive. In order to survive among the tribe it was important to be accepted.  This approach is going out of style now… Besides there are too many voices to listen to and it’s very easy to get mixed-up.  So how do you stick to what is important to your values and define who you are and not what others want you to be? Easy! You listen to your inner voice.

This is that small feeling (some refer to it as the “gut-feeling” or intuition) that attempts to grab your attention constantly.   In order to hear it you have to quiet down like you are trying to hear a whisper in a noisy crowd.  It takes practice daily to strengthen your intuitive muscle.  This internal voice is a combination of your values, personality, passion and goals. Ignoring your voice leads to an unhappy life but listening to it leads to such an amazing sense of joy! 

Before making a decision try listening to your gut and see what it is YOU really want.

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