Hey!  Do you keep ruminating over the same problems over and over again?  Are you getting tired and drained because you aren’t getting anywhere with it?

The reason you are spinning your wheels and feeling stuck is because you are so consumed by emotion and unable to be objective enough to see the situation clearly.

Solutions are created by developing clarity and understanding which helps you to see things from a different perspective.

Simple, right?

Sure but it’s also so simple that it’s hard (yes that can happen).  I think our brains are programed to make life more complicated than it needs to be.

So, here’s a way to use self-awareness to get unstuck and rewire that unnecessary complication to return to a simpler way of navigating life’s challenges.

Think with your feet!

Yah, stop using your head so much… Let’s face it; our brains create a lot of drama.  As such, the solution cannot be solved with the mind but with the body.  Don’t believe me, check this out ~

“You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.”  Albert Einstein

(I think he may know a thing or two about that)

The brain is great; I like it and find it quite useful.  For example, if I didn’t have a brain I couldn’t write this right now… so pretty important.

But there are times when the brain and logic just get in the way.  For example, I know that emotional eating is a way to stuff down my emotions and avoid feeling shitty.  I get it.  Does that awareness help me to stop doing it?  No.  I still do it.  So… what am I missing then?

Only when I am able to observe the feeling that contributes to me eating that way do I really have an understanding of it.  Learning to feel the emotion I am trying to stuff down will help me to not be swept away with the reactive behaviour.  From there I can make ‘conscious choices’ and feel more empowered.

The trick is to feel the emotions that are arising without unconsciously reacting.  This takes practice and commitment.  It’s not the easy way out or quick solution but I can guarantee that this approach will support you in ANY area that you feel stuck.  Also, the more you practice the better you will get and the more self-aware you will become. Yay!

The reason why people like working with me is because I help them to look at their lives in an objective way.  We declutter the emotions and thoughts so they can see clearer and gain perspective.  However, there is a way we can do that for ourselves and the answer is through developing our self-awareness daily.

Self-awareness is a fabulous tool to get unstuck.  It allows you to see things from a much simpler place and is more effective than overthinking things.  Overthinking only gets you so far and then it just gets in the way.   You’ve got to feel it to heal it!


Good luck,