feeling stuck~

Do you feel stuck?

Are you trying to move forward in your career but don’t know what to do? 

Are you in the process of making a big decision but can’t make up your mind? 

Are you trying to gain more control of your life but you don’t know what to do next?



Feeling stuck is frustrating.

Did you know that when you are faced with a big challenge there is really something much deeper going on? 

The root (cause) of your challenge are fears and outdated beliefs.  The challenge is just the symptom of these things.

In order to move forward from feeling stuck you have to address the root of the problem otherwise the changes won’t last.


Joseph Campbell draws parallels between people’s lives and the ‘hero’s journey’ of myths.  In the myths the character becomes the hero when he faces his challenge directly.  

He becomes the hero only if he goes deep into that dark cave to slay the dragon.

The ‘dragon’ is a symbol for a fear that is keeping you stuck in your challenge.

It might be the need for approval which has stopped you from making that decision or maybe you are worried about making a mistake and failing so you don’t take action.

But in order to grow and evolve from those challenges you must face the fears that fuel them (if you want permanent results)

It’s not mandatory, but aren’t you here to live an amazing life?

Don’t cover up your fears and don’t pretend that they are not there. In fact, hunt them down – your treasure is hidden somewhere inside!  Real courage is facing the shit that scares you.  

It’s about saying….

F@#K- IT! I’m going right to the center of my fear and proving that I’m stronger

Now I’d love to hear YOUR story!  How do you move forward from feeling stuck and what tips can you share?  In the comments section below please share your story and your best advice for getting unstuck.  Also if you are feeling stuck please share with me what your biggest challenge is right now.

Thank you as always, for reading and commenting!






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