dayjobtopassionHi beautiful…

As a life coach I often attract clients who want to leave their regular full time jobs and work towards their passion instead.

The idea of leaving a full time job to work on your dream job can be exciting and at the same time very intimidating, often leaving people paralyzed with no idea where to even begin.

I have noticed some effective approaches with those who successfully moved towards their passions and said adiós to their cubicles.

Here are my top 3 ways to successfully leave your job:

  1. They accept the journey:  Instead of going from I hate my job to I quite my job, and now let me discover my passion -most successful transitions are made with the acceptance that the sequences of events to leaving your job is not so linear. Generally the process goes more along the lines of: I accept the job I am in because it’s providing me funding for my dream job. Going towards your passion is not usually an overnight success the process takes patience, time and commitment.


  1. They spend time developing their craft: Usually the process starts with the drive and will to leave their job but how it translates into a business and services is what is often unclear. Instead of trying to create an amazing business plan with the perfect marketing strategy right out of the gate the better plan is get clear on your passion. Forget the money, the business plan or marketing strategy instead focus on what your passion is and how it is unique to you. Spend time really getting clear on yourself and the uniqueness around your passion.


  1. The focus on what they are going to give: If you could keep one question at the forefront of your mind it would be that one: Focus on what you will give and the receiving will come naturally. Often it’s easy to get caught up on the what will I get if I do this venture that the giving (the true heart of any business) can get forgotten.


Working towards creating a passion project is exciting… just remember that it’s usually not something that can happen overnight. If you accept and enjoy the journey it will most likely become a career you love.

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