Have you ever wondered what a life coach does or what problems they solve?
Would a life coach be right for you?

I get these questions all the time and I was thrilled when Telus Optik TV approached me over the summer to ask if they could do a segment on life coaching.

The deal was I would answer common questions about life coaching while I “coached” my good friend Carmen and strolled the seawall together.  

Sounds like a deal!

It was a beautiful summer day and despite being a little nervous I was excited.

Everything went perfectly well other than a small hiccup that involved me getting locked out of my office for an hour (with all of their film equipment inside) teehee… but other than that it was smooth as butter.

As a small business owner, receiving free marketing materials is like receiving gold… it’s a beautiful thing.

So you’d think I’d let a funny Youtube title like “Finding Your Yoda” slide, right?

Yes, you would think so… 😐

Oh well, what’s a girl to do? 


Try my best to take it as a compliment, I will. Hmmmm, yes…