having fun and letting goHey Beautiful!


Do you ever overthink things?

The worse part of over-thinking is that it doesn’t even lead to solutions.  Wouldn’t you agree?

So let’s have some fun!

This month I decided to focus on having fun and lightening up.  And what better month to make FUN the focus when it begins with April Fool’s Day!

Personal growth doesn’t have to feel like hard work – it can be fun and energizing too!  In fact, I have some of my best lessons when I am being silly and totally letting go…

This month I’ll be sharing tons of great tips/ tools (along with random silliness to make you laugh) in my Blog, Twitter and Facebook so be sure to click those links to get connected so you can be a part of the fun!

Also, I have something really special to show you later this month but it’s a surprise… so you’ll have to wait…

3 Benefits of Letting Go & Having Fun

  1. Having fun helps you to get out of your left brain and into your right brain.  That shift will help you see your problem from a different perspective… sometimes the solution is right in front of you and a little laughter and light-heartedness can help you see it more clearly.
  2. Having fun can help you de-stress and relax.  When you stress out your immune system functions less efficiently …  So having fun can boost your immune function which improves your overall health! Yay!
  3. Having fun releases endorphins which sends signals of confidence and satisfaction to the brain.  Yes having fun can also help you feel more confident… and who doesn’t want more confidence?!

Here is the best part about having fun…

It’s free!  🙂


You’re it!  Tell me how you LOVE to have fun.  Please share with me your best tips to letting go and being silly by commenting below!