what to do when fears show

Fear shows up everywhere, especially when we are working towards accomplishing our goals.

When we are moving towards our goals so many different emotions can come up for us. One I often hear about from my clients is that dreaded feeling of FEAR!

Everyone has a different strategy for when they are dealing with fear but for some the tendency is to try and get rid of it completely before moving forward.

But here’s the thing, we will never fully be able to get rid of fear! Over time the fear may lessen but it never completely goes away…

Here are a few things to keep in mind when working with fear:

1.  Work with fear and not against it! Embrace fear instead of trying to push it out. Trying to push it out will cause more resistance but instead if you accept the fear and make moves anyways it won’t be the one in control, you will.

2.  Your passion towards your goal has to be a little bit stronger than your fear of the unknown.  It’s okay if you are scared out of your mind as long as your passion for the dream is a millimeter bigger you’ll keep moving forward.  Check in and ask yourself, “Am I willing to go all the way?”  That’s your confirmation that you are on the right path.

3.  Take action regardless of the fear. Once you start to move forward despite the fear you will start to see more opportunities come your way instead of waiting for some future time to start moving.  And the bonus is you will start to feel more confidence. Yes confidence is developed by taking action even though you’re scared.

4.  Thinking fear has to go is a trap! Don’t fall in it! It will keep you stuck and no one likes feeling stuck.  If you wait for fear to go you will just waste time because that moment will never come.

5.  Be willing to get uncomfortable. Fear isn’t comfortable that’s why we try so hard to be rid of it. Getting comfortable with the idea that fear is here to stay will take you further a lot sooner than trying to run around it.

Good luck!

Vancouver life coach alycia