dream big with life coach alyciaDreaming BIG is scary, don’t you think?

What if you try your best and still fail?  What if you aren’t good enough?  What if so and so judges you?

These thoughts are enough to scare anyone out of taking action and it’s the mind doing what it does best – psyching you out.

Negative thinking is a big problem for most people.

It’s not so much the negative thinking that’s bad – it’s the believing that those thoughts are true that REALLY sucks.  The good news is you have a choice right now to choose what you want to believe or not.

Instead of focusing on all the reasons why following your dreams  “will probably fail” or all the possible negative outcomes that could happen if you take a chance on yourself – I challenge you to focus on these 3 things instead:


3 Tips To Achieve Your Dreams:


1. Remember the “WHY”

Whenever you are feeling down and overwhelmed from a set back – remind yourself why you want to achieve your dreams.  Think about all of the reasons why achieving your dreams is so important to you.  Whenever you focus on your why, you will feel more energized and motivated to keep moving!

2. Think about the Alternative

What would life be like if you didn’t pursue this dream and how does that make you feel?  If the answer is too unbearable to imagine and makes you feel sad or drained then you have answered your question that failure is definitely not an option.

3. Accept the Challenge

If following dreams was easy then everyone would be doing it (and it wouldn’t be such a big deal)!  But it isn’t a cake walk and that’s because the path towards your dreams is paved with all your fears and insecurities.  You have to accept the challenge and face them all in order to arrive to your goals…

There is no greater teacher then the one that guides you towards your dreams (A.K.A your heart).


A personal story…

A couple years back I hit a bit of a wall in my career and I was questioning everything I was doing.  Was I doing the right work? On the right path?  Should I do something else?  I reflected on my “Why” and on other alternatives and I discovered that my resistance was just fear of the unknown, failure, success, ect…

That discovery made me realized that I would rather spend my whole life chasing my dream then ever giving up on it.

I’m sharing this because I want you to know that living your dreams takes effort and a strong mental mindset. But it’s so fricken’ worth it!

So whenever you find yourself stuck in negative thinking – refocus on those 3 points and I can guarantee you will never give up on your dreams

Now I’d love to hear from you!  What is your WHY?   Please comment below and let us know what your big goal is!



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