Facing your fears is the only way to become free from them.  Ignoring them doesn’t work and I would know because I’ve tried everything possible to avoid mine.

Since I was little I’ve always hated being in the center of attention (hated is an understatement).  Anytime I was public speaking I would start to shake, heart rate would race and my voice would get stuttery.  That just made matters worse since I was already self-conscious of how I looked… add to that a shaky stuttering mess!

I believed that having this fear was a sign of weakness and only losers were afraid.  I tried everything to get rid of my fears but nothing seemed to work.  I finally started accepting that maybe I would always be that way and I embraced my quirkiness of being a horribly bad public speaker.  Surprisingly, once I did I wasn’t getting as nervous during my presentations.  I was also more eager to take on oportunities to speak so I could challenge myself.  Go figure!  Once I took the pressure off and removed that unrealistic expectation things started to change.  Was it magic?  No.


Having fears does not paralyze us – it’s the act of avoiding them that creates the mental tension and drama…


So what fears are you going to be more honest about?  As long as you live on the earth, you have them.  It’s no mystery and there are no exceptions to this.  It’s way cooler to admit that than trying to pretend that you don’t.  It also puts the power back into your hands again.  Facing your fears, that’s all you need to do.

That’s my definition of courage.  What’s yours?