facing your fearsMarketers (not all of course) have an amazing ability to play into our fears.  Doing so makes it easier for them to convince us to spend our hard earned money on their products.

Brilliant, right?


Especially when you consider that they almost always focus on how you will feel when using it and not necessarily the product qualities.

They know we all have fears and if we are not careful, our emotions can be used against us.  This is not anything new  and I realize when marketing firms hire psychologists they are not necessarily hiding what they are doing either 🙂

But I also don’t have to send you too far to investigate this theory because you can easily witness it everywhere.  Just open a magazine or turn on the tv.

So what’s the solution?  End all marketing?  No of course not, but I will advocate that you face your fears. In my coaching sessions, time and time again, I witness the major transformations that happen as a result of facing personal fears. The one interesting part of the transformations I have witnessed is a growth in critical thinking.

I’m not sure how to exactly describe this, but what I have seen is, clients are no longer vulnerable to the hypnosis of marketers or ill advice from others. They are able to confidently make decisions that are truly right for them.

This may not seem huge, but it is. Imagine believing in yourself, knowing yourself and truly understanding yourself that no amount of illusion or false hope would sway you. You would make purchases that came from a space of strength instead of vulnerability. How would that feel? Pretty darn empowering, I think!

I continue to be a huge advocate of facing your fears because the evidence speaks for itself. If you don’t face your inner fears there will be plenty of individuals working hard to pull at your insecurities and emotions to profit from them. So who’s going to get to those fears first, you or them?!

Vancouver life coach alycia