Hey beautiful!

Do you feel stuck or confused about what direction to take?  Are you getting frustrated that things aren’t changing or improving as quickly as you’d like despite how hard you’re trying? 

Sometimes the solution isn’t to try harder – sometimes it’s better to do something different (to get a different result). 

In today’s video I show you how to take a difficult situation and transform it into clarity and insights so you can move forward with ease.  It’s so simple (almost too simple that it’s hard 😐 ) 

Click the video below to learn how!

How to Transform Difficulty into Pure Gold

Step 1 ~

Identify an uncomfortable emotion you want to work with

Step 2 ~

Be aware of the physical sensations in the body

Step 3 ~

Accept whatever feelings or sensations surface


Let’s try some homework!

Apply these 3 Emotional Alchemy steps in your life this week and if you have questions – get in touch 🙂