Acceptance without JudgmentMeet Nicole!

I started working with Nicole in January 2014 – Brilliant and willing to try new things, Nicole was able to get out of her comfort zone so she could discover her direction and life purpose.

We recently caught up with Nicole to see what her experience with coaching was like and what she is up to now!

What did you come to coaching for?

Initially I hired you because I needed some direction with my career. Things in my life just weren’t lining up properly and I had no idea why. I guess my biggest problem was that I didn’t know what my problem was! But you were able to see right to the heart of it almost immediately.

What was the solution you discovered through the process?

If I want to make good choices about myself and my life, I need to listen to my emotions instead of shutting them out and trying to approach everything with logical analysis. Emotions and logic have to go hand in hand.

What was the most powerful part of this experience for you?

I’ve learned to accept parts of myself that I used to either suppress or try desperately to change (while getting nowhere and just making myself miserable, of course). Being able to connect with my feelings without judgment was something I hadn’t been able to do in decades. It doesn’t come easy, but now I know I can do it. It’s very motivating!

What is the biggest change you have noticed about yourself since beginning coaching together?

My thought process is much clearer and I understand myself on a whole new level. You also gave me some great tools I can use whenever I feel overwhelmed or confused. I’m more in touch with my true self than I have been in years.

Nicole was able to realize her full potential because she took action (the #1 secret to real success).

If you feel stuck and want more direction I totally get it… remember you deserve to have a life that inspires you. All it takes is a little courage and a willingness to dig deep…

…so here’s to taking action and living your dreams!


Vancouver Life Coach Alycia

“Alycia is such a talented life coach that it’s almost scary. She was able to inspire meaningful transformation in my life a lot quicker than I thought possible. Working with her was an invaluable experience!” ~ Nicole