Discovering what makes you happy is a life-long endeavor because what makes you happy now will not always make you happy.  It is because of this that we must stay on our toes and be honest with ourselves as we grow.

Life is meant to be an evolution of continuous growth and assessment.  It has never been about finding a comfortable spot and staying there forever and ever.  Though this is what our ego would love to convince us of.  Think of nature (which is what we are too), evolution and survival has continued because of a species ability to adapt and grow in its environment.  We are being asked to do the same.

The only thing that is consistent is change.

Why not leverage this truth if it is the only thing that is guaranteed?  It’s like harnessing the wind to move a sailboat, by developing the right skills and tools you can move at great speeds and with much less effort.

How do you do that?  I have three steps that will help you stay honest during your transitions and help you to stay on track during challenging times.

Step 1:

Get clear.  You must understand what is working and what is not working to begin with.  What is making you feel unhappy, or distressed?  What has contributed to this situation?  What needs to change?  Spend time asking yourself questions to identify solutions.

Step 2:

Action.  Once you have become clear about what is no longer working and what needs to change, the next step is to do something about it.  This is where fear comes in full force.  Remind yourself about why you cannot stay in the same situation any longer and ask what would happen in ten years if you did nothing about your situation?

Step 3:

Reassess.  What action steps did you take to make a change?  What else needs to be done?  Has your situation changed again?  What will support you now?  This step is necessary because it implies that nothing is ever completed but always an on-going journey.

If you move through these steps throughout your life you will always re-discover what makes you happy in each moment.  Good luck!

Your Commitment!  Spend time going through each step this week and discover what makes you happy today.

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